Resource Tips for teachers

A database of additional materials for in-class teaching based on movie clips and other videos.

Each Resource Tip contains a prepared set of activities for 10 to 30 minutes of group work.
It only takes a few minutes to prepare for class using the selected material.

One Resource Tip is available as an example (A Room with a View). All six of them are available for registered users. More materials will be available soon.

Resource Tips for teachers
Resource Tips for teachers
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A Tour of Rose Story Farm

Level: Low
Description: A personal presentation of a family business, stating some ideas that they have had to enlarge their services, saying how they do it and giving some advantages of their work.
Download: CinemaLingua_ResourceTip_ A_tour_of_rose_story_farm.pdf

Robert De Niro On Working With Meryl Streep

Only for registered as teachers
Level: Medium
Description: Robert De Niro speaks about his friendship and work with Meryl Streep on the occasion of AFI Life Achievement Award.
Download: CinemaLingua_ResourceTip_Robert-De-Niro.pdf

UAE Ecological Footprint

Only for registered as teachers
Level: High
Description: The animated video illustrates the human impact on the environment.
Download: CinemaLingua_ResourceTip_Ecological_Footprint.pdf

You've Got Mail 2 - NY152

Only for registered as teachers
Level: Medium
Description: A funny scene from the film You’ve Got Mail in which Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks guess possible meanings of the Internet handle “NY152”.
Download: CinemaLingua_ResourceTip_You_ve-got-mail-2.pdf